CSW 68
Hope Through Education:
India's Hope Village


● Date: Thursday, March 14, 2024
● Time: 4:30 PM
● Venue: UN Church Center, 10th Floor, 777 United Nations Plaza

Our parallel event aims to share BLIA’s mission in providing inclusive, quality education – for girls and women, for underprivileged children and young people – creating the next generation of mindful leaders. Our case study takes us to “Dalit” (“untouchables”) villages in India, where BLIA has created Hope Villages that empower local children with educational opportunities.

We believe that your presence will greatly contribute to the success of our program, and we would be honored to have you join us for this meaningful discussion.

Kindly RSVP :  https://forms.gle/RJwNBX2VS64YH32G8  by March 11,2024 to confirm your attendance.
If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Venerable Youlin at nyngo@blia.org.

Faith & Gender Equality:
Empowering Girls & Women in a Post-Pandemic World

The global pandemic amplified gender inequalities. In this new world, BLIA built upon over thirty years of dedication to the education of girls and women (from our bhikkhunis to rural girls and children) to adapt how we work, learn, and interact with our clients and colleagues across 200+ chapters. We took our advocacy and programming online, including educational classes and volunteer activities, to foster community, continuance, and empowerment. The need to rethink we connect has brought about simple yet innovative solutions to foster equality and equity within and without- creating access about all, for all.  
This event was held as an official parallel event during this year’s 67th session of the NGO CSW NY (NGO Committee on the Status of Women, New York) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Humanistic Buddhism

Everyday actualization

BLIA is an international NGO of monastics and laypeople. We enact Humanistic Buddhism, which is committed to equality, respect for others, and social progress, to support our communities, make a difference, and encourage collective action that scale solutions to benefit our environment and future generations