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Fo Guang Shan Deer Park


The American Cultural Center is in the East, and the Universities around New York, such as Cornell, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and Harvard. They are all American Ivy League schools. Located in New York State, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The Fo Ghang Shan New York Deer Park Center located at the junction of the three states covers an area of ​​456 acres, four times as large as Fo Guang Shan Temple.

From Fo Guang Shan New York Temple to Deer Park requires travel time for two hours. Formerly known as Camp Hayes, this is the camping area of ​​the Catholic Youth Association. It is also the area where the deer grow. It is rated as the best forest camping area in New York. The terrain is slightly ups and downs, and the landscape is faint. The reflection of the lake light ripples, and the waterfall falls. Spring and summer, strong autumn and red winter snow, the four seasons are distinct and beautiful, and it is a beautiful and quiet forest Temple.


從紐約道場到鹿野苑,車程兩小時。原名Camp Hayes,本為天主教青年會的露營區,也是鹿群生長的地區,被評鑑為紐約最優等的森林露營區,地勢起伏略有高低,景觀隱約各現風采。湖光倒影潾潾盪漾,小溪潺潺瀑布飛濺。春淡夏濃秋紅冬雪,四季分明風光明媚,誠為優美寧靜的森林道場。